Industry Insider: Leandra Medine

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Leandra (a.k.a. The Man Repeller) began as a simple fashion blogger, documenting her daily outfit choices on her site, As the fashion blogger craze picked up, Medine’s quirky and unique style stood out and took the fashion world by storm. Leandra is known for her off-center outfits of layered, crazy prints, stand-out shoes, and plenty of color. Her blog inspires women to wear what makes them happy, no matter what others think.

As a fashion blogger, Leandra’s site has plenty of photos of her various looks. Her personal style is very eclectic and quirky, both in her clothing choices as well as in her writing. The posts she writes along with here photos are full of witty and pithy comments. Her posts are very conversational, written as if she were your best friend discussing fashion with you over a cup of coffee. I believe the cohesiveness between her fashion style and writing style are what sets her apart as a blogger and why she has become so well known in the industry. Anyone can blog about what they wear, but Leandra makes it funny and inspires you to think outside the box. She questions norms of how we dress as well as norms in the fashion industry. She is authentic and unapologetic.

Watch this video by Virgin Atlantic about Medine’s love for anything offbeat and how her blog came about.

In my work I’d like to be able to hone in on how to translate my distinct personality into my writing. Having a unique and authentic voice makes a piece so much more intriguing to read. I also love the visual aspect of Medine’s site. I’m a very visual person and love the idea of telling a story through the marriage of text and photos. Good writing can go a long way and a picture tells a thousand words, so why not put them together? I hope to refine my writing style the same way a build an outfit. The Man Repeller’s outfits are eccentric and goofy, just like her writing. My fashion sense is more classic and casual, I’d like my writing to reflect that. The main take away I have gotten from The Man Repeller is to allow your writing to reflect your personality, especially in the business of blogging.