Who knew reading for class could be fun? During these first two weeks of my Social Media & News class we’ve had readings on everything from blogging, to Twitter time management, to how to tackle the daunting task of creating and executing a social media plan. Each of the readings reminded me of a book I read this past winter break, titled Capture Your Style. The book is written by Aimee Song, an influential fashion blogger of Song of Style.

Photo source: songofstyle.com


So many of the topics Aimee covers in her book were repeated time and time again throughout our readings. Being consistent. Interacting with others.  And of course, powerful visuals.

Aimee’s book focuses on Instagram specifically, as that is her forte. Many of our readings stressed the importance of honing in on the few social platforms that best cater to your goals. I hope to work in the fashion industry, so a highly visual social platform, such as Instagram, that I can share my eye for styling and design is the perfect fit for me.

Photo source: songofstyle.com

After finishing Capture Your Style I was so inspired to cultivate my Instagram presence. Over the past few years I’ve tried here and there to build up my Instagram game but my problem was that I didn’t have focus. That’s where a few of my recent class readings come in. Here are the tips I have collected from my readings that I plan to start using to once and for all create the Instagram of my dreams.

My Instagram as of today.

Visit Instagram sparingly

The article “The Minimalist Guide to Twitter” by Jimmy Daly hit home as it spoke of how much productivity can be wasted by falling down the rabbit hole of social media. I’m 100 percent guilty of mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed and trying to convince myself I’m doing “research” of how to take better Instagram photos. No longer.

Similar to Daly’s 15-minute Twitter power plan, I will begin a 15-minute Instagram power plan of my own.

  • First 5 minutes: Scroll through fashion Instagram accounts to gain insight on trending fashion topics and find new ideas.
  • Second 5 minutes: Commenting on various fashion influencers’ Instagram posts I find inspiring.
  • Last 5 minutes: Posting my own daily Instagram photo.


Don’t bite off more than you can chew

As mentioned in this blog post on social media marketing plans by Hootsuite, if a goal isn’t attainable there is a small chance of it happening. On that note I plan to start with baby steps. My ultimate goal is to post at least one Instagram a day, but to begin I will post three times a week until I feel confident enough to manage more.


Social media isn’t a one way street

As mentioned in my 15-minute power plan I will not just create content but interact with fashion influencers’ content as well. I hope to build relationships and make connections with people I hope to someday work with in the fashion industry. Each day I will aim to comment on at least three different influencers’ posts.


What’s your biggest challenge on Instagram? Comment your #instagoals!


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