Personal Branding on Pinterest

Hi, my name’s Alexa and I’m addicted to Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong I love Instagram as much as the next girl but there’s just something about curating images that I love. Twitter and Facebook have their pros too, but Pinterest is hands down my favorite outlet to be on.


One good thing I think I have obtained from my most likely obsessive love for the platform is recognizing trends. Pinterest users aren’t quite as early adopters of trends as say Tumblr, but they’re getting there.

In the olden days of Pinterest it seemed like everyone had the same generic boards: Food, Crafts, Home Décor, Clothing and maybe a Wedding board (regardless of your relationship status). Today avid Pinterest users have gotten a bit more creative with their boards and tend to have a more editorial eye when it comes to their pins.

While many pins tend to be re-pinned photos and not always unique, personal content, it is still possible tailor your account and to brand yourself on Pinterest in a variety of ways.

  • Consistent visual branding

Add some flair to your Pinterest account by getting creative with the text in your Pin board titles, bio and Pin captions. Personally, I always use braces around my titles and keep them to one-three words like { outfit inspiration }. Then when choosing photos to pin, pick shots that are cohesive. Think similar colors, image subjects and overall “feel” of the photo. I like to keep my color palette muted, look for highly detailed fashion imagery and mix it with quotes I find inspiring.


  • Create interesting board themes

Be specific with your board themes. Tailor them to your personal brand. Make them tell a genuine story about you. My boards reflect my love for fashion, décor, Italian food and a little rock’n’roll flair. Create a mix that tells your story. Not interested in crafts? Wedding planning on relevant to your brand? Just because they’re common boards on the platform, that doesn’t mean you are required to have them if they don’t represent your brand.


  • Pin an interesting variety of content

Be dynamic with your pins by pinning different types of content. A photo from your latest blog post here. An on brand gif there. Then an amazing article by an influencer in your genre of interest. Maybe even a super cool tutorial video from YouTube. Similar to the various types of curation in journalism mentioned in this article by, different pinned content will keep your followers engaged and interested.

Pinterest isn’t just about crafts or wedding planning anymore, it’s about creating a story through curated photos. Not only does a well curated Pinterest account help build brand equity but it is actually known to increase website traffic, making it the perfect platform for bloggers. According to Hootsuite, about five percent of referral traffic online comes from Pinterest, putting the platform in second place only to Facebook. If you’re not already on this platform, I highly encourage you to try it out! It’s a space for creative people, not all accounts follow the Pinterest crafty stay-at-home mom stereotype. Experiment and curate a visual story of you.