Spend a Day with Rachel Zoe

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Photo from: abcnews.go.com

Rachel Zoe is one of my favorite icons in the fashion industry. Not only does she have amazing personal style, but she has made a career of styling others. To find out what a typical day in the life of Rachel Zoe is like, check out this article from ABC News here.

The article gives an overview of the celebrity stylistโ€™s typical day. Rachel takes the reader through what her day looks like, hour-by-hour, both at home and at work. I particularly like this article because so often successful women in the fashion industry get a bad rap for not spending time on family and being very vain. I enjoyed reading about how Rachel balances time with her husband and son with her busy career by setting aside time each morning to focus on her loved ones.

Zoe is very descriptive of her beauty routine, namedropping her go-to cosmetics. On one hand, naming her favorite brands personalizes the story and helps paint a more vivid story in the readerโ€™s mind. On the other hand, she mentions quite a few brands to the point of making it seem more promotional than authentic.

Photo from: glamour.com

Hearing about the specific tasks Rachel goes through at work was my favorite part of the article and the main reason I wanted to keep reading. She briefly discusses the various projects she works on throughout the day like working on designing her collection of clothing and accessories and reviewing runway looks to pull for her clients. I would have loved a longer article focusing even more on Rachelโ€™s time at the office. A longer article could have honed in on visual descriptions of what her office looks like and what she seesย  as she works so the reader can image being in her six-inch, Louboutin shoes.